XCollision | A game club with 5 awesome mini-games

Xpirit; A physics-based puzzle game
February 22, 2018
LiFa; Life Hacks & Facts, ideas for a better life
February 22, 2018

At the X-Collision game club, you can play our daily game and get scores. Your scores turn to achievements so you can explore some hidden parts of the game.

Currently, we have 5 awesome minigames at the X-Collision game club, but when you reach level 10 you can reveal the fifth. After each part of the daily game that restarts every 24 hours, depending on your scores you maybe get a badge, coins, and a place in weekly and monthly rankings. You can challenge your friends in private leagues, but for competing in these leagues you must be at level 3. At the X-Collision you will have a great and fun time. Features: * 4 great mini-games and you will find them the fifth of them at level 10. * Scores calculate at the end of each day(based on GMT), week and month. * Your scores unlock great and fun achievements. * By reaching first, second and third place of daily, weekly, or monthly rankings, you can unlock new badges. * Don't forget to give your free gem by watching some ads.