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February 22, 2018
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February 22, 2018

LiFa is a kind of social media platform with a focus on practical life hacks and life facts! But, how?

First of all, you can explore our great facts and hacks, then you should share your idea with LiFa’s community. Your idea (A.K.A LiFa/post) comes in the Rumors section, then users can help to turn that LiFa into a fact/hack and move it to the facts section by giving it a positive rating. In LiFa, you can find helpful hacks and facts that you can use easily in your life. You can shine in the crowd with the hacks you learn in LiFa and be the most intelligent person and help yourself and others to have a better life. What hacks can be found in Lifa? How to heat a pizza? How to clean the microwave? How to have lighter skin? How to have a better relationship with your partner? And hundreds of other hacks that are posted by our clever and creative users... There are more than 40 categories in LiFa, with more than 700 hacks, also new hacks are added every day. You get points for the positive rates that you get and soon you can do exciting things with your points. Just wait for our new updates. There is also a powerful search system to find a particular hack quickly, you can browse through categories, search with hashtags and type everything that is in your mind. Every day we send you notifications of practical and cool hacks based on your preferences to avoid learning when you do not have time to visit the app. And finally, a fantastic thing! All of these are entirely free! Wow! 😊 Also, you can follow us on Instagram for getting daily life hacks/facts in a simple way: And Can download our app from here.